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Modernity is cyberpositive.

— Amy Ireland

Amy Ireland is an academic, philosopher, poet, feminist, book reader, theorist, an Internet and cyber social media user, a cyberpositivist, probably an Accelerationist, and apparently a student of the Occult. She is writing a PhD on xenopoetics, where she also teaches and lectures on Creative Writing and is co-convenor of the philosophy and aesthetics research cluster 'Aesthetics After Finitude'. Her research focuses on questions of agency and technology in modernity, and she is a member of the technofeminist collective Laboria Cuboniks. Amy is an instructor at The New Centre for Research & Practice[1], a member of York University's Sonic Research Initiative, and has worked closely with the Performing Arts Forum (PAF) in France. Amy has exhibited and performed her creative work in Australia, the UK, Canada and France, and has brought to life numerous rogue publications, some of which can be found in the National Library of Australia. She is currently engaged in various poetry projects involving sound, linguistic transcoding, performance, 3D-printing, stealth technology, and projectiles.

Biograph: Born [?][]

In 2017 she's reported to have been based in Sydney, Australia.[2] Her PhD thesis is worked at in cooperation with the University of New South Wales.[2]



  • Cyberfeminism

Modernity is cyberpositive. Yeats plotted this out in the ‘widening gyres’ of 1919’s ‘The Second Coming’, and again in 1925 and 1937 in his prose work A Vision, a mystical text composed of information revealed to him through the medium of his wife’s sustained experiments in automatic writing. —«The Poememenon: Form as Occult Technology».


By Amy Ireland

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About Amy Ireland

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