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Well when I pretended to be a guy I got no friend request [1:21 AM]

Reminds me of a youtube video I saw a few years back, and it was a couple years old even then. Some young lady was identifying herself as a "demi-girl" because some days she felt like she couldn't even feel her gender, so she just relaxed and wore like t-shirts and sneakers and whatever. But some days she felt real girly, so she'd wear make-up and dresses and fancy shoes, get really dolled-up.

The one thought raging through my head was, "Oh, you're a normal woman."

Like, what do these people think? That we operate on "I'M A WOMAN I'M A WOMAN I'M A WOMAN I'M A WOMAN" all day? No. The average human experience is one of almost selfless boredom peppered by random agitations.

There are people who don't understand that they are, first and foremost, people. Or that being a person is normal. That "woman" and "man" are classifications of a sexually-reproductive species, classifications built on who has which gamete-producing equipment. You're not going to think of yourself consciously in those terms at all for most of the time. And for those times you do? It's usually because you're made aware, not of your own classification, but of other people who fit into a different one.

Jeez. These people have reached adulthood, and they're so unfamiliar with self-awareness that when they experience it, it's strange to them. No, ding-a-ling.

It's normal. You're normal.


True masculinity, not just as a transcendent essence, but as an immanent, manifest quality of character in men, is always wedded to the true feminine: his essential quality of leading softened by the longing to yield to the tender needs of others. Thus does a broken man, a caricatured embodiment of God’s design, become a true man.[1] Masculine and feminine - these are the essential qualities of the creation that reflect God’s own nature. They exist prior to human masculinity and femininity and thus they determine gender - they are not determined by it, as we are apt to assume. Within all creatures, the relationship between masculine and feminine largely determines the nature and character of that creature. This is most easily seen in creatures (ordained elements of God’s creation) that are themselves composed of two physically single beings - a couple, for example. But it is equally true within an individual, single being - a person.[1]