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George Floyd is Jesus for atheists.

-- Justin Murphy, 5:58 PM · Jun 4, 2020[1]

Justin Murphy is a fascist. He’s not a proper racist, or a proper misogynist, or a proper anti-Semite. He’s not a Nazi or even a bigot. He’s not a screeching demagogue or a violent terrorist or a crass, acidic ironist. But what he is, simply, is just a proper structural fascist. He’s polite and fluent in the manners of the academic Left, which makes him difficult to pin down. His fascism is chic-Deleuzian. Beneath his ostensibly post-political attachment to “nomadic,” “barbarian” online movements lies a younger, more nuanced iteration of the “Intellectual Dark Web” brand of politics. Petersonian, anti-SJW, postmodern, authoritarian performance art.

-- Mike Mcrumplar[2]

Justin Murphy is the given name of a self-described Leftist philosopher who is educated in sociology and an author of ideological ideas which he describes as e.g. Aristocratic Communism.[]

Dr Justin Murphy BA, Temple University, 2008; PhD, 2014, Temple University Lecturer in Governance and Policy is a theoretician, interviewer (e.g. on his podcast «The Other Life»), blogger, social media OC poster and commentator, essayist, live video and podcast maker, educated as a Political Scientist, professor, who "works mostly on questions related to information technology, ideology, and behavior; and whose work has been published in scholarly journals such as British Journal of Political Science and popular outlets such as Foreign Affairs." Currently [as of Apr 7, 2018], Murphy states, he is "most interested in ideological heterogeneity within the left-right divide and the ideological placement of internet subcultures. I am Assistant Professor at the University of Southampton." "I work to theorize a universalist emancipatory politics consistent with the eclipse of human agency by non-human superintelligences. My work has been published in scholarly journals such as IEEE Intelligent Systems and Parrhesia, and many independent online outlets such as Plan C and Vast Abrupt. I approach these problems from a social-scientific perspective but also from extensive personal experience with left-wing political activism."

Dr Justin Murphy is Lecturer in Governance and Policy within Politics & International Relations at the University of Southampton.

Research interests[]

  • International/comparative political economy
  • Political conflict
  • Mass media
  • Methodology

"My research focuses on questions related to political economy, media, and the determinants of political behaviour and conflict. I am interested in supervising students in the areas of international/comparative political economy, the politics of media and information-communication technology, and various kinds of political conflict (welfare politics, repression-protest nexus, civil war, etc.). I completed my PhD from Temple University in May 2014."

"I am currently working on methodological curriculum development at both the undergraduate and post-graduate levels, and I contribute to digital strategy and web communications for Politics and International Relations. 

  •  Politics of the Media, undergraduate (PAIR2023/3032)
  •  Research Skills in Politics and IR, undergraduate (PAIR2004)
  •  Public Policy and Democracy, post-graduate (PAIR 6009)"

Articles include: «Activism is a capitalist virus from the future (honesty is stage-one cybernetic communism)», 5/7/2017


Other Projects[]

"I always have a few creative projects running, to counteract the stodgy respectability of my academic work. I'm currently most enthusiastic about blogging and my podcast, called Other Life. I maintain a little newsletter to share private updates on my work and life, called The Art and Science of Overthrowing All Currently Existing Institutions. For a few years, I previously worked under the pseudonym Barclay Shields. I sometimes post Youtube videos."

  • Assistant Professor at University of Southampton
  • Former PhD Candidate at Temple University
  • Worked at Occupy Philadelphia
  • Lives in Southampton
  • From Oakhurst, New Jersey

Twitter accounts, so far as is known, @jmrphy  As of Apr 1, 2018:

  • TweetsTweets, current page.9,040
  • FollowingFollowing2,985
  • FollowersFollowers8,831
  • LikesLikes7,738
  • ListsLists12
  • Assistant Professor of Politics. Interested in media, technology, ideology, and behavior. Secular catholic libertarian communist. Podcast @otherlifenow.

Twitter bio: Not very sure where I am. Joined November 2010

Not to be confused with Thomas Murphy, both associated with "#cavetwitter" & the cybercene scene.

Murphy has interviewed Nick Land and Kantbot, e.g.


  • Murphy, J. (2018). Are “Stand Your Ground” laws racist and sexist? A statistical analysis of cases in Florida, 2005-2013. Social Science Quarterly99(1), 439-452. DOI: 10.1111/ssqu.12402
  • Murphy, J. (2018). Artificial intelligence, rationality, and the World Wide Web. IEEE Intelligent Systems33(1), 98-103. DOI: 10.1109/MIS.2018.012001557
  • Murphy, J., & Rek, B. (2018). Candidate gender and media attention in the 2015 UK General Election. Parliamentary Affairs, 1-22. DOI: 10.1093/pa/gsy019
  • Murphy, J., & Devine, D. J. (2018). Does media coverage drive public support for UKIP or does public support for UKIP drive media coverage? British Journal of Political Science. DOI: 10.1017/S0007123418000145
  • Murphy, J., & Havercroft, J. (2018). Is the Tea Party libertarian, authoritarian, or something else? Social Science Quarterly. DOI: 10.1111/ssqu.12495
  • Baron, I., Havercroft, J., Kamola, I., Koomen, J., Murphy, J., & Prichard, A. (2018). Liberal pacification and the phenomenology of violence. International Studies Quarterly.
  • Murphy, J. (2017). Mass media and the attribution of blame for globalization. French Politics. DOI: 10.1057/s41253-017-0032-y


  • Projects by Justin Murphy
  • Associated with Nick Land, interviewed him.
  • Anglophone commentators on Accelerationism; Anglophone theorists; Anglophone Christians; Anglophone Catholics.
  • Friends with: DC Miller; Geoffrey Miller; Diana Fleischman
  • Justin Murphy intersections
  • Twitter users; Nanocelebs; Post-Left; Post-Anarchism; Post-Catholicism; Post-academia


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