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"Kantbot" aka. "Edward Waverley," (Both Pen-names) is a relatively popular Twitter content producer & social media personality. Birth name: William Clark. Writes micro theory-fiction to Twitter as a blend of sci-fi and politico-cultural commentary.[1]

In 2020 he was seen in the documentary "TF No GF". Kantbot is American and appears to be self-employed, i.e. making money from people subscribing to his podcast. He originally had a podcast on Gumroad and then split from that podcast to found his own, the latter utilizing the platform Patreon. Occasionally tries to doxx other Twitter users for political or social disagreements.

Media has referenced him as "alt-right", but is currently trying to lateral into Alt-Left circles.


Used to be noted as associated with the general "Alt-Right".


  • Kantbot reads a bunch of old books, but never wrote one of his own. Author of «Chapo Trap House will never be edgy» May 26, 2017.
  • Appears on Google Talks with what appears to be his friend, R.Сам Appears on Justin Murphy's livestreamed Youtube podcast «The Other Life», 2018.
  • Blog: «Autistic Mercury». Known to drink beer. Uses words like: Perched.
  • As of 23rd Feb, 2021 his username is wydna.kb @KBULTRA0[2]


2019 podcast featuring Kantbot:

Posted on May 22, 2019 by "Warren": "Warren The podcast was initially hosted on a Gumroad page at – HOWEVER, this has changed. We uploaded the first two episodes, and people purchased the podcast for access. [...] TekWar Podcast is a podcast by The Autistic Mercury with hosts Kantbot and Warren Nokoshima. There are to be three podcasts published per week. Most episodes will include a special guest. So far we’ve had Matt Forney, Delicious Tacos, and Logo Daedalus in episodes 1-3. These can be found on the new Gumroad. Alternatively, if you’re too cheap to support, you can find the episodes on Shoutengine a week after they’re recorded. For early access and bonus episodes, subscribe to the Gumroad.

Thank you,

Warren Nokoshima"

"First Episode of new podcast with Matt Forney of @terrorhousemag for subscribers. Will be posted elsewhere within a few days. Future guests: @Delicious_Tacos, Cernovich, Justin Murphy, Lauren Southern and many more" @KANTBOT20K — 18 May 2019[3]

Enemies of Kantbot[]

  • An account exists that publishest mostly if not exclusively "exposé" or negative things about Kantbot. HegelBot @HegelBot1 · Example post: Sep 26 "It's because you're a doxer."
  • yeah, wouldn't maybe call him a scholar, more a dilettante who is well read in certain areas, who doesn't mind crossing into theory fiction or strange conspiracy poetical narrativizations

    --- anon, Sep 2020


By Kantbot:[]

«Tekwars»; «Autistic Mercury", "Kantbot, Author at The Autistic Mercury". " › tag › kantbot" features articles by a "Edward Waverley".[4]

About Kantbot:[]

"Tag: kantbot | The Spectator › tag › kantbot"[6]

Features Kantbot:[]

«TFW NO GF» (2020), lists "Director: Alex Lee Moyer Stars: Kantbot, Viddy".[7]


  • Twitter personality; Kant; Bot; Cyberfiction; Theory; Role-playing; Blogger; Cyber-celeb
  • Twitter personalities; Twitter microstars; Twitter microcelebs; People FBI has been interested in.
  • Americans; Bloggers; Intellectuals; White people; Jewish ancestry (unconfirmed); New Wave; Cyber-microcelebs; E-celebs
  • Anti-capitalism; Capitalist history; Conspiracy history

I also think what drives people crazy about him is they want to know what *he *believes. Which I personally don't care what his actual beliefs and think he just collects theories not to compare them and pick the best, but merely to see the story.

--- anon, Sep 2020


  • Kantbot's girlfriend is transgender cartoonist @PartyPrat on Twitter[8].


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