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If I can recommend something. It's a practice from A Course In Miracles. They suggested one do a practice where one tells oneself that the things in one's living space are meaningless. I know it sounds and feels weird. I've been trying it, very rarely, until recently, for a year roughly. Well, I listen to a lot of other spirituality and psychology stuff too, tbh, and the message often is that we worry too much about things in our life, and things weigh us down, or habits do or the past does or other people do. One of the most common teachings of spirituality is that things, stuff, doesn't matter. Only the spirit does. They even often say the body doesn't matter or that it is only some kind of reflection (this can be useful because most people have body image issues). Anyway, I felt I was drowning in problems. In mess. I had too much stuff. Too many problematic people, and events (in the past, and possibly future). So I started telling myself these things have nothing to do with me. No object in this house has anything to do with me, etc. It worked. These people have nothing to do with me. It's all gone. It's all lifted off me. N.b. I do fasting often too, and that helps with this feeling/with feeling like this. I'm free.

Liberation from judgment. Various spiritual traditions liberate from judgment. The buddhist is not supposed to judge, he is supposed to be compassionate.

Liberation from judgment requires our willingness to forgive. Without forgiveness we continue to live in the shadows of our past and our projections of the future.” Gabby writes. This forgiveness doesn't need to happen immediately “we simply need to be willing to forgive” says Gabby.

  • Liberation from supremacism