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I am Guðjón Ólafur Eiríksson and my concern is improvement. So you could say I serve improvement, because, beyond wanting to be merely curious, what would be the use of being concerned with it if I didn't serve it? General improvement. Improvement of the world. Of society. Like all humans I have in a sense an impetus to improve (something) and for this purpose I write, amongst other things, on here. Even the mere hedonist tries to improve his pleasure and comfort. And I think comfort is important, incidentally. But it's not so incidental, is it, when you consider the amount of work humans do to increase their comfort — build or buy houses, e.g., since one home space is more comfortable than the other. Or improve medicine, or donate to leukemia charity, because pain is very uncomfortable. But more on that later.

I've had a rocky path, confused by many things, but always had the same goal. Improvement. That includes happiness since I think happiness leads to improvement—or improvement leads to happiness. Going from unhappy to happy, is improvement. So we might even say my goal is happiness. The production of happiness or the improvement of happiness. I mean, people tend to feel happy when things are improving, or they improve when they are happy (e.g. in how they relate to others, because those who are bad are, I believe, somewhere in themselves unhappy). When I've fixed something, i.e. improved my situation, I feel happier.

So, let's all be happy, or at least try to improve things.

* (Tests by licensed practitioners diagnosed me as having ADHD.)