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Steven Craig Hickman, philosopher blogger; very intelligent guy in terms of articulation; a prolific Facebook blogger, and has his own Wordpress blog as well: «Social Ecologies»—the latter's first post dating from September 2012. He sometimes blogs about Nick Land, and occasionally has commented on Nick Land's Weblog Xenosystems. He also has tweeted to Nick Land, last seen by us in the thread by the latter in March 2019.

Some Social Ecologies posts:

[Unnamed first post.]

Politics: Para-Leftist?

Interests: Occultism; Philosophy; Historical Progress (Technology, etc).

Apparent enemies: Artxell Knaphni.


Joined Twitter June 2014. As of Apr 3, 2018: account moniker & bio: @alien_ecologies Resistance Blogger, Poet, Short Story Writer, and Philosopher, Off-Beat Humorist. Location: Surprise, AZ.


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