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  • "This wiki is an encyclopedia of the legal issues, policies, publications, cases, statutes, events, people and organizations that make up the global fields of information law, information technology law (often referred to as "computer law," "cyberlaw" or "Internet law") and telecommunications law. This wiki focuses on the laws, regulations and policy issues that impact the information, IT and telecommunications industries and those government entities, industries, organizations and people that control or use information, IT and telecommunications. It also contains an authoritative set of definitions and acronyms for those legal, technical, economic, political and policy terms used in the wiki."
  • "WikiTok, also called The TikTok Wiki, is a wiki on Fandom targeted specifically at TikTok, TikTokers, TikTok Trends, and anything else related! The wiki has largely been inactive, and is thus currently in the process of being improved and expanded. Any contributions to the wiki are greatly appreciated!"
  • "Welcome to the Cyberpunk Wiki, the online encyclopedia for Mike Pondsmith's Cyberpunk series that anyone can edit."
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